Organic Blueberry

Take a tour around Honeyland Canada's blueberry field, learn about how blueberries are grown!

Our organic blueberry field Big berries as a result of honey bee pollination

Weed-control without Herbicides: Step 1-4

1. Spread saw dust around the blueberry bush.

2. Burning weeds near blueberry bush with propane torch.

3. Hand-picking weed surrounding the blueberry bush

4. Removing weeds with a Rototiller

5. Select and hand-pick ripped blueberry

6. Fresh-picked Blueberries on sale in Honeyland and organic stores

* Honeyland Canada does not use any pesticides in the field.

To Order

For more information about how to order our organic blueberries, you may Telephone: (604) 460-8889, Fax: (604) 460-8887 or Email:



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