Bee collecting water

Bee Swarm

School tour of HoneyLand!

Bee pollinating Cranberry Bush

Bees sending message to each other by releasing pheromone, to tell the other worker bee's where home is!

Dr. Bee's presentation about the marvelous life of Bees!

Dr. Bee collecting swarm out of tree!

Bee Keeper's presentation of an actual working beehive, while people are safely outside screen wall.

Queen bee is being fed Royal Jelly by worker bee's, and at the same time, the worker bee's collect the Queen's pheromones to tell the rest of the hive that she is still there and still their Queen!


Bee Hives being moved to different fields to pollinate.

Hives unloaded to pumpkin field to pollinate.

Bees sealing wooden hive crack with propolis!

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